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Guidelines For Designing a Squarespace Website’s Landing Page

The sole purpose of the landing page is to capture the web visitor’s information through an inclusion form. The form is like the tipping point between the lead as and the visitors. There are people that think that having a form on say a homepage or any other page on the site is enough to generate leads while the truth is that they cannot generate as effectively as a dedicated page would. A great landing page also contains equal exchange, string offers and compelling ones that give the visitor incentive to give up their personal information. Here are some of the tips to get you started on creating an effective landing page that will focus on getting the visitors to fill out the form.

The potential leads will be scouring the pages quickly for key information, and this means therefore that you have to be really focused and not have more than necessary. Among the many benefits of the landing pages is the ability to directly speak to the visitors and yours, therefore, should be tailored too. The size, color, and even the actual contact should, therefore, help focus the visitors, and the bullets and headings should address their concerns, interest and pain points too. Contracting colors are usually effective for highlighting that call for action or even the submit button.

Adding your brand or logo on the landing page builds the visitor’s cyberspace confidence and also improves the business recognition. Offering credibility gives the visitors confidence that they can trust you and this is achieved mainly through the adding of the social proof. You should also remember to keep is free from the distractions because the many pictures while being visually appealing will distract them from the primary task. These pages will also be slower to lead and this will not be good for you as the visitors never enjoy having to wait for slow pages to load.

The ability of the visitors to quickly interpret what to read and where to go in order to fill in the form, the layout, is the most unimportant aspect of the landing page. You should, therefore, make sure that the visitors have an easy time on the landing page, easy to follow procedures and a great experience altogether. Many people have forms on their homepage that can be a very distracting environment and given the fact that this is the means through which you can capture valuable information, you should have a dedicated page for it.

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