A Ford Lift Kit in San Antonio Creates the Impressive Effect Some Vehicle Owners Prefer

Pickup truck owners who want their ride to look tougher may buy a lift kit for the suspension. When it comes to a ford lift kit san antonio truck accessory companies are ready to assist. Some vehicle owners have very specific reasons why they want that suspension work done.

A Specific Reason for Vehicle Modifications

A San Antonio Spurs fanatic might actually have white and silver paint details added to a black pickup and apply magnet logos for the hood and doors. Some functional modifications can make the truck look and sound even tougher than it already does, which can be desirable for a vehicle meant to represent a sports fan’s dedication.

For instance, an aftermarket exhaust plays up the revving of the engine. A performance muffler and exhaust stacks are attention-getting, and many truck owners feel these modifications aren’t nearly as impressive without the suspension lift.

No Suspension Lift Restrictions in the Lone Star State

Some states have restrictions on how high the lift can be for trucks operated on the street, but Texas is not one of them. The state also has no restrictions on bumper or frame height. A Spurs fan who wants to have the most impressive pickup truck around the arena will be glad to hear about this. It will already be noticeable because of the custom paint, but the added height and exhaust features enhance the effect.

Relevant Regulations

It’s important to note, however, that the state restricts total height of any vehicle on the road to 14 feet and there are specific regulations regarding where headlights and taillights must be placed. These regulations are important for highway safety. In addition, some pickup trucks only work with shorter suspension kits.

Additional Modifications and Accessories

Along with the suspension modification, vehicle owners can have aftermarket tires and bumpers installed, and performance shocks if they so choose. Changing the shock absorbers is not required with a lift kit, but many vehicle owners want more powerful shocks for off-roading and hauling. Representatives at a company such as Ameraguard Truck Accessories can tell customers which kits will work with their vehicle models. Aftermarket bumpers are available along with the lift kit, and so are bed covers and other accessories.